Black Friday Shopping? Tips and tricks on how to shop like a pro

On November 21, 2017 in Almost Anything Else

Black Friday Shopping? Tips and tricks on how to shop like a pro

Black Friday shopper

Are you ready for Black Friday? To some, it’s an annual tradition, to others, it’s a day to sit at home, eat leftovers and watch football. For those planning to participate in this bargain hunt, here are a few tips and tricks to help maximize your savings.

Research early and often

As the big day nears, make sure to do your homework. Many Black Friday deals can be found on the web. Retail Me Not and The Black Friday are great online resources where you can find deals offered by most of the big-name stores before their doors open on the day.

Social media is another online source for Black Friday news and deals. Follow retailers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where they often offer special deals. Some stores also offer incentives on their social pages for “liking” or sharing certain posts.

As the inches-thick Thanksgiving edition of your local newspaper will attest, print ads and circulars are still a great place to find Black Friday information, even if they aren’t as widely used as they once were. Some stores still post print-only specials that are exclusive to specific publications, so you may want to pick up the morning paper as soon as it hits the street to be sure you have an opportunity to capitalize on offers that may be found nowhere else.

Use your phone

Smartphones can be a great tool for Black Friday savings. Make sure yours is fully charged before you embark on your holiday shopping. Use your phone or tablet to monitor deals online. Remember to check your social media feed for up-to-date information. There are also several applications that help you track, monitor and compare pricing throughout all major stores. In fact, many apps have QR and barcode scanning features that enable you to find special offers and coupon codes to maximize your savings.

If your phone reveals a better deal at one store, another retailer may match or better that price on a particular item if you ask.

Shop smart

Shopping smart is, well, smart, as you revel in the traditions of Black Friday.

Create a budget

Overspending over the Black Friday weekend is common. According to Forbes, which dissected a Retail Me Not study, Americans are projected to spend close to $750 per shopper over the weekend. To help keep your spending in check, create a budget and stick to it. Remember, Black Friday deals are designed to get you into the store so that retailers can sell you something else, perhaps at full retail.

Don’t get blinded by the deal

Black Friday is loaded with big “blockbuster” deals, but many of them aren’t as good as they appear. Some offers may seem enticing, but don’t buy on impulse or you may end up with a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

Also, know that some of the most incredible deals are very limited in quantities. Electronics are especially subject to being in short supply with only a few units available in each store, most of which are gobbled up by people willing to camp out at a retailer’s front door to secure one of the so-called “door busters.”

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