How to find the perfect wedding ring for him

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How to find the perfect wedding ring for him

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You did it: You popped the question, and you got the yes. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to pick out a ring to match (or complement) your partner’s.

Men’s wedding rings are available in a wide range of metals and alloys, designs and other characteristics. Whether you want something traditional or a style you’ve never seen before, it’s possible to find the perfect man’s ring.

Matchy marriage?

Before you begin your search for the perfect wedding band, discuss with your partner what it is you’re ultimately looking for. eBay suggested being sure to choose rings that go well together. Your ring doesn’t have to be the mirror image of your fiance’s, but when photographed side-by-side, it should be clear they belong together — just like the two of you!

Choose your alloy

The metal you choose will determine the ring’s look or style, but it’s also important to consider the durability of the ring. If you’re a construction worker or a devoted rugby player, for instance, your ring will likely go through a considerable amount of abuse over the years. You’ll want to choose a ring that’s durable and resistant to scratches.

Your main options are:

Gold: You can never go wrong with a classic. When picking out your gold band, it might seem natural to opt for the higher karat. Fight this urge; gold is a soft metal, which means a less pure metal will be stronger and less susceptible to scratches.

Tungsten: Tungsten carbide alloys can stand up to scratching, so they’re not a bad idea if you’re an active guy. They’re coloring is typically dark or light gray, though Woman Getting Married pointed out there are also white varieties. Keep in mind, though, that scratches will show up well on a white ring.

Platinum: This sturdy metal won’t damage easily, but there is some weight to it. Be sure to try a platinum ring on before purchasing it, as it could take some getting used to. If you’re a man who’s on the computer a lot, the weight might bother you while typing.

Titanium: This metal has a reputation for strength, but a lesser-known quality is its weight: it’s significantly lighter than platinum. If you’re attracted to the platinum rings for their durability but are unsure of wearing a heavier ring, check out titanium.

Palladium: Another good alternative to platinum, a palladium ring will maintain its shine with minimal maintenance. This material is mixed with gold to create white gold, but it shines on its own, too. Palladium is considered a precious metal, but it was only given this distinction in 2010. As such, it might be more challenging to find.

Reflect your personality

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a ring that you truly love. After all, it’s perhaps the one piece of jewelry you’ll wear for the rest of your life. Some men like a simple ring, with the alloy choice as the only styling element. Others like to choose bands that have multiple alloys included to create a pattern, or rings that have inlaid jewels.

If you’re looking to add sparkle to your wedding band, consider these gems:

Diamond: These are a classic for a reason. They’re highly durable, not to mention eye-catchingly beautiful.

Ruby: These are deep red and also incredibly strong, making them an ideal choice if you’re looking for color or uniqueness.

Sapphire: Another very strong gem, these dark blue stones are a symbol of wisdom and clarity, according to The Knot.

Choosing a wedding band might seem like a daunting task at first, but once you know a little bit about the characteristics of all your options, you’ll be able to identify your perfect ring. All that’s left is to plan the wedding, and tie the knot!