Four home-improvement projects to consider this spring

On March 17, 2017 in Home ImprovementKitchen Remodel

Four home-improvement projects to consider this spring

home improvement projects

As the weather warms up and the days grow longer, homeowners everywhere have one thing on their minds: home-improvement projects.

According to a survey conducted by Harris Poll with LightStream, 59 percent of homeowners are planning to invest in home upgrades in 2017. Of those planning to renovate or add onto their homes, 42 percent plan to spend at least $5,000 on the project, and close to one-quarter said they have a budget of $10,000 or more.

Upgrading your home comes with a host of benefits. Increased comfort, livability and convenience are all perks of renovating your home. Other advantages include increasing the resale value and mitigating costly issues that arise when home maintenance is neglected.

Four of the most popular home-improvement projects include:

1. Incorporating technology

Homeowners are increasingly willing to spend a little extra on a smart home upgrade. One survey conducted by John Burns Real Estate Consulting found that 89 percent of respondents would be willing to spend an extra $400 for a smart thermostat, Qualified Remodeler reported. Other popular technological home upgrades include:

  • Smart lighting.
  • Smart air vents and filters.
  • High-tech appliances.

2. Decks and patios

Spring is the perfect time to install a deck or construct a patio in your backyard. During the summer, you can use these structures to host friends and family for cook-outs and backyard games.

Perhaps this is why decks and patios have become such a popular home upgrade. According to Harris Poll, 41 percent of respondents said they plan to invest in outdoor home-improvement projects this year.

While a homeowner will get good use from a deck or patio, there are additional benefits. Outdoor projects can increase resale value, according to a cost-value analysis from Remodeling.

  • The average composite deck costs $17,249, and about 65 percent can usually be recouped in the sale.
  • The average wood deck costs $10,707, and about 71.5 percent can usually be recouped in the sale.
  • The average patio costs $51,985, and about 54.9 percent can usually be recouped in the sale.

3. Bathroom renovations

If there’s one room that’s universally important to the people in your home, it’s the bathroom. You want this room to look clean and fresh, which might be what’s driving so many homeowners to upgrade their bathrooms. Harris Poll found that 28 percent of respondents said they wanted to upgrade their wash rooms in 2017.

Upgrades can do more than just make your bathroom look shiny and new. Updated features like faucet and shower head aerators and low-flow toilets can bring you significant water savings.

4. Kitchen upgrades

What’s the first room you looked at when you bought your home? Chances are, it was the kitchen. This is the room where families come together to prepare breakfast and dinner, bond over desserts or gossip over snacks.

Modern homes are putting more emphasis on bigger, functional kitchens that serve more purposes than simple meal preparation. People want to host guests, eat and relax in their kitchens, too.

Remodeling your home can be fun and exciting. As prime remodeling season approaches, determine which home-improvement project best suits you, your family and your house.