Four home renovation trends for 2017

On March 30, 2017 in Home Improvement

Four home renovation trends for 2017

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As spring unfolds, homeowners everywhere have remodeling projects on their minds, and with the new season comes many new trends.

Four exciting themes homebuilders anticipate seeing more of in 2017 include:

Matte-finish appliances

For years, consumers have opted for shiny stainless steel and reflective chrome appliances, mimicking the industrial looking kitchens seen in their favorite cooking shows or restaurants. This year, though, the tides will turn. More people are passing by the gleaming metallic surfaces and opting for a warmer look in the form of matte finishes, Consumer Reports found.

Bold black is the most popular matte color, giving kitchens and bathrooms an elegant touch that doesn’t detract from other features in the room, House Beautiful pointed out.

“Matte can also be a really unexpected finish for objects that are traditionally lustrous or glossy,” Bobby Berk, an interior designer, explained to House Beautiful. “This surprise can serve as a wonderful layer in your design, adding depth to the overall composition and a counterpoint to other finishes.”

Bright metals

Along the same theme as opting for warmer matte finishes over cold, reflective surfaces is the recent trend toward brighter metals.

“Industrial looking or burnished metals have had their day,” Warren Sheets, an interior designer in California, announced to House Beautiful. “Shiny, warm metals like bronze and gold are resurging as important ways to lend elegance to a space.”

Forbes explained that satin and brushed brass are two other options for people looking for a high-end, welcoming metal that isn’t outside their budget. Brass fixtures are low-cost but high-quality items that complement any color scheme.

Smart home features

Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home’s voice assistant are making their ways into consumers’ lives. Residents can use activation phrases like “Alexa” and “OK Google” to get the voice assistants’ attention, then issue a command or ask a question. As more consumers show an interest in having connected homes, appliance and furniture businesses are taking cues from tech companies.

Consumer Reports noted that GE Appliance has a line of Wi-Fi-enabled products that can communicate directly with Alexa, giving consumers the power to, for example, begin heating their oven from anywhere in their home by simply saying “Alexa, tell Geneva to turn the oven to 350 degrees.”

Smart home features aren’t just popular for their convenience, though. Connected security cameras allow residents to keep an eye on their front doors, even while on vacation, or to call the police should anything go awry while at work.

Bringing the outdoors in

As the days grow longer and warmer, it’s only natural for people to have nature on their minds. But going green isn’t just a seasonal fad. Bringing outdoor elements inside the home is a trend that’s growing on homeowners everywhere. In desert-like environments where drought is prominent and gardening is difficult, many consumers are opting for indoor gardens that can provide them with fresh herbs, vegetables and leafy greens, Consumer Reports explained.

The outdoors aren’t just about gardening — a picturesque landscape is always nice, too. Forbes reported more homebuilders are choosing to display a house’s beautiful surroundings through the use of large glass windows and earthy design elements. Bathrooms in particular are getting more attention, with people choosing to have an indoor shower that looks like a luxurious outdoor shower.