Four kitchen trends you’ll love

On September 2, 2016 in Home ImprovementKitchen Remodel

Four kitchen trends you’ll love

Is the kitchen not the most important room in a house? It’s where families gather to cook, eat and talk together, and when someone is looking at a home to purchase, chances are the kitchen is the first room they look at, and the room they spend the most time inspecting.

With so much importance surrounding the kitchen, it’s a good idea for homeowners to know what the current trends are. If you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen, know that it’s an investment that will likely increase your satisfaction with the room, while improving the resale value of your home.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) 2015 Remodeling Impact Report, kitchen remodels are considered one of the most lucrative home improvement projects a homeowner can take on. The average cost of a complete kitchen renovation is estimated at $60,000, but NAR estimates $40,000 of this can be recouped in the sale of the home.

The evolution of the kitchen

Kitchens of the past were primarily, if not solely, used for food preparation and cooking. Today, however, it’s common for people to spend time in the kitchen chatting and hanging out, besides cooking together. The kitchen is the center of the household, and a place that brings families together.

Because of this evolution, one common kitchen trend is an open floor plan with few barriers between the room and the rest of the home. According to a survey from Sub-Zero and Wolf, manufacturers of quality kitchen appliances and accessories, 72 percent of designers say the formal dining room is losing its allure, and 70 percent say kitchens with an open floor plan are in high demand.

Opening up your kitchen may involve knocking down a wall. With the right contractor, this isn’t a problem, but the cost will depend on the wall and the home structure. For example, a non-load-bearing wall may only cost up to $3,000 to take out, but a load-bearing wall in a two-story home may cost upwards of $30,000, according to Houzz.

Color pop

Next to the layout, the color scheme of a kitchen can be one of its most defining qualities. People want their kitchens to look nice and clean. Because of this, white is one of the most popular colors for a kitchen. It represents cleanliness and won’t soon go out of style. However, soft accent colors are quickly becoming popular. Mint greens, blues and neutrals are all entering people’s kitchens this year, according to Houzz. They can be seen on cabinets, walls and even appliances.

Blue, green and gray accent colors are popular in kitchens this year.
Blue, green and gray accent colors are popular in kitchens this year.

“If you are afraid to add color to your kitchen, then a great way to start is by using colorful accessories such as bar stools, canisters displayed on the bench or even on your kitchen backsplash,” advised interior designer Anne Ellard, according to Houzz.

Heavy metal

While paints may be coming in soft tones, kitchen hardware is becoming more eye-catching through use of various kinds of metals. Copper, bronze and brass are all popular options that can be added in the form of lighting fixtures, range hoods and cabinet hardware.

All things tech

New technology has changed the way people go about their daily routine, and this is increasingly being seen in the kitchen. According to Forbes contributor Houzz, one trend that is not likely to disappear anytime soon is designating space in a kitchen for smart devices.

“Look for areas with hidden charging stations to store devices like phones and tablets so that they are always operable, at hand and charged,” interior designer Jane Lockhart said.
Smart devices are never far out of reach, and they can be especially helpful in the kitchen when looking up recipes or compiling a grocery list.

Technology is entering the kitchen in more ways than mobile devices, though. From motion-activated faucets to even smarter appliances like an oven that will text you when dinner is ready, new innovations have made working in the kitchen easier and more streamlined, Decorators Wisdom reported.

Whether you plan on selling your home in the near future, or living in it for years to come, a kitchen upgrade can benefit you and your family immensely. Tying in one or more of these trends is sure to give you satisfaction in your home improvement project this year.