Four timeshare destinations to consider for your winter getaway

On December 12, 2016 in Recreation & Travel

Four timeshare destinations to consider for your winter getaway


Summer is not the only time to go on vacation. For some people, falling temperatures are exciting because it means they will finally be able to hit the slopes, bundle up in their favorite cold weather gear and sip on delicious warm beverages. For others, the thought of months on end of frozen earth, shorter days and wet mittens just sounds dreary.

No matter which camp you fall into, one of the best ways to get away for your ideal winter vacation is through a timeshare. The concept of timeshares became popular in the U.S. beginning in 1969 and has grown in popularity over the years, according to MarketWatch. As of 2014, one in 12 Americans owned one.

Winterland adventures

If you’re the type of person who waits all year for a snow-covered winter wonderland, you’ll probably want to seek out a place that is known for its snow and slopes.

Vail, Colorado

Colorado is known both for its impressive mountains and 300 days of sunshine. Located toward the center of the state and surrounded by mountains, Vail is a go-to destination for skiers and snowboarders. That allure is what drove the development of many resorts and timeshares in this small town. While just over 5,000 people live in Vail year-round, the number of vacationers nearly doubles the town’s population.

Park City, Utah

A few states west, another popular winter destination can be found in Park City, Utah. In 2015, the city became known for the largest ski area on record. With hundreds of ski trails, plus a rapidly growing art scene, this destination has something to offer everyone in your family, pointed out. Home to the famous Sundance Film Festival in January, Park City has grown to be known for indie film elite, and the timeshare industry has certainly benefited by this.

Fun in the sun

If you’re more interested in warming up during the coldest months of the year, a beachside timeshare might be more your speed. Perspective Magazine noted that activity on strongly suggests that many Americans are seeking out some beach time this winter.

Newport Coast, California

One of the top searches on is for timeshares in Newport Coast, California, and that’s understandable considering the wide range of activities at this West Coast destination. There’s something to do for every member of your family, from shopping to luxury dining to relaxing beach time. Boat rentals make for an especially fun vacation, and if you’ll be bringing the kids along, they’ll love the Balboa Fun Zone.

Palm Beach, Aruba

While Kokomo is actually a city in Indiana and hardly a tropical paradise, The Beach Boys were on the right track when they mentioned Aruba in their hit song. Palm Beach is right up there with Newport Coast, California, for most-searched winter destinations. The tiny two-mile-long strip on the Northwest corner of the island is exactly what you might picture when you think of the word “paradise:” white sands, palm trees, beachside bars, snorkeling and seemingly endless sea and sky.