FTC Disclosure

LightStream, through this Lending Uncomplicated site, curates articles and resources we feel will be interesting, engaging and educational as they relate to financing and the variety of categories for which we provide loans.

If we include information from a company or media outlet that we do business with, we’ll disclose that to you, upfront. If we link to external media, we’ll let you know you’ll be leaving our site. And if LightStream is included in content without disclosures, we’ll have been featured because the publication found us relevant to the topic, not because we paid to be included.

In all cases, however, we are not responsible for the information and materials third parties may present. If you receive information you feel may be applicable to your personal situation, please consult your financial, legal and accounting advisors, as SunTrust Bank, LightStream, its affiliates, nor their employees provide legal, accounting and tax advice.