Get the most popular holiday toys before they’re gone

On September 26, 2017 in Family Life & Health

Get the most popular holiday toys before they’re gone

A happy family opening presents

The calendar may say it’s early fall, but if you’re planning to make the December holidays special for your kids, you may want to start your shopping now. Many retailers have already set up holiday displays and online merchants are ramping up for the selling season.

This is nothing new. Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have long emphasized Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and other December celebrations well before Halloween which, critics say, takes away from the intervening holidays.

For retailers, fourth-quarter sales are critical to their success, so you’re not likely to see the paradigm change anytime soon. Instead of fighting the tide, why not get in the holiday spirit now and do some shopping for those toys and electronics your kids want so badly?

How many parents have felt dejected because their children were disappointed when they didn’t get that one coveted present that all of their friends wanted too? Yes, it’s a life lesson, but there is nothing quite like seeing the joy on a kid’s face when he or she gets that special gift.

Shop early for best selection

It’s a good bet that many of the hottest toys for the 2017 holidays are easier to obtain now than they will be come November and December. The Smart Shopper compiled a list of the most popular toys through the decades, reflecting on the hottest toys that were hard to get before the holidays dating back to 1983, when Cabbage Patch Kids topped millions of wish lists. (For the record, they’re still popular 34 years later, but not nearly as hard to find.)

Each year the hottest children’s gifts are in short supply or sold out long before the holidays, so why wait? Make your purchase now and stash the package until December and let others fight the long lines and fret over their ability to deliver the goods.

Buying now could help you save in the long run

Most of the soon-to-be hot gifts are readily available on store shelves and online – now. Yes, there are new products yet to be introduced, but for those items that are available, prices are generally more competitive in September than they will be as the holidays grow closer — the post-Thanksgiving traditions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday notwithstanding.

Right now you have time to comparison shop on a more relaxed schedule, and by spreading your holiday spending over a longer timeframe, you may find it doesn’t seem to take as much of a bite out of your wallet.

If you’ve been saving for the holidays, good for you! You’re way ahead of the game. Planning ahead for holiday expenses can help you avoid bills in the new year (and the associated headaches). It also means you’ve probably saved enough to get those special gifts for your kids without having to worry if they fit the budget.

What toys are hot this year?

The easiest way to find out what your kids want is, of course, to ask them. If you’re looking to find those treasures and not tip them off to the fact you’ve even thought about it, check out The Toy Insider’s latest Hot Holiday Toys list for this season.