Home spas can be an investment in good health

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Home spas can be an investment in good health

Home Spa Investment

Have you long dreamed of having a home spa where you could conveniently escape for some much-needed rest and relaxation? Upscale home spas are becoming less of a luxury and more of a staple in many home renovation projects. Instead of paying big bucks for spa memberships, some consumers are choosing to invest in such facilities for their own homes.

Spa quality, home comfort

Products such as large jet tubs, saunas, steam rooms and similar accoutrements are enabling homeowners to create peaceful spas within the comfort of their own residences. Converting a bathroom into a home spa, building out additional space or adding new facilities to the exterior of your property can be much more than just aesthetically pleasing. Such remodeling could be an investment that yields significant health benefits.

Soak up the benefits of hydrotherapy

When contemplating calorie-burning activities, sitting in a hot bath is probably not the first thought that comes to mind, but an article in The Conversation shares results of a study at Great Britain’s Loughborough University that found a bath offers benefits similar to exercise.

Researchers found that people who sat in warm baths for one hour burned 140 calories, the same as study participants who walked for 30 minutes. But before giving up your daily stroll in favor of a relaxing bubble bath, be warned that researchers recommend using hydrotherapy as a supplement to your routine, not as a replacement.

Hydrotherapy has also been shown to improve blood circulation, decrease the risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure.

The power of Epsom salt and steam

According to Doctor’s Health Press, Epsom salt can be used to provide an added health boost during hydrotherapy. Epsom-salt baths can be used to treat pain and muscle cramps, stress, insomnia and poor circulation. It has also been shown to eliminate toxins, increase the effectiveness of insulin in the body and help regulate electrolytes to ensure proper muscle and nerve function.

The addition of saunas or steam rooms to a spa setup can also boost the health benefits. Web MD says sauna therapy, when used at the right temperature, can have a dramatic and positive effect on patients who are at risk of heart failure. Steam rooms can also be beneficial for those with high cholesterol, diabetes and poor blood vessel function.


What you should expect to pay for a home spa depends on a number of factors that can combine to push the tab anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $10,000 or more. Better Homes & Gardens says it all depends on which products you choose, if your spa will be indoors or out, whether structural modifications will be required, etc.

To determine an accurate budget for your remodeling project, decide which elements of a home spa you want and get at least three estimates from contractors. You may find significantly divergent prices.

It is also essential to check contractor references to assure you’re hiring someone that is reliable, provides quality workmanship and guarantees their work. The lowest price estimate may not always be the best when all factors are considered.

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