Is it time for a new roof on your home?

On December 4, 2017 in Home Improvement

Is it time for a new roof on your home?

Roofers installing a new roof on a home

Severe weather might be bad for homeowners and insurance companies but it’s good business for roofing contractors. Storms are a major cause of damage that necessitates roof replacements, but Father Time is also an enemy.  In other words, roofs don’t last forever.

The National Association of Homebuilders says, depending on the type of roofing material, the typical roof lifespan ranges from 20 to 50 years under normal conditions.

Identifying problems with your roof

Determining if you need a new roof is a simple process. Start by examining it from ground level to see if there are any obvious imperfections such as cracked, curled or missing shingles. Also look for cracks in the flashing, the metal used to block water at points where different parts of a roof or chimney intersect. If you can spot problems from ground level, it’s likely you’re going to need repairs or an entirely new roof.

Even if you don’t spot any obvious issues from ground level, you may want to ask someone to take a closer look if you think you are nearing time for a replacement. A qualified and trained home inspector can climb onto your roof for an up-close, thorough inspection.

I need a new roof… now what?

Finding a reliable, reasonably priced roofing contractor can be problematic. Start by asking friends, neighbors and family members for recommendations of roofers they have used and with whom they had good experiences.

The internet is also a great tool when searching for professional roofing contractors. Check online reviews and compare pricing.

A common misstep is basing a decision solely on contractor estimates. The lowest-priced offer may not always be your best choice. Low prices could indicate the contractor is hiring less-skilled workers and using lower-quality materials. On the other hand, the highest-priced roofer may not necessarily be the best, just the most expensive. Let your references and research guide the decision.

What type of roofing is right for my home?

There are a number of options, but what really matters is getting a high-quality roof that fits your budget, will provide a long-term solution, and is aesthetically pleasing.

There are several basic types of shingles to consider:

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Slate
  • Wood
  • Tile/ceramic
  • Metal

Asphalt is the most popular choice. They’re generally less expensive than the other options and are very durable. If your budget allows, investing in higher-grade shingles will offer the longest lifespan and good long-term protection against the elements.

Cost vs. impact on home value

Getting a new roof is not cheap, especially if you decide on a high-end replacement. According to HomeAdvisor, the national average for a roof replacement is around $7,200, but a high-end roof can cost as much as $40,000. However, going to sleep under a structurally sound, high-grade roof is a pleasant feeling that you may find to be worth the cost.

Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 cost vs. value study shows that property owners typically recoup about 69% of a roof replacement in a home resale, which is better than some other home improvement projects such as bathroom remodeling, decks and some room addition projects.

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