The man cave and beyond: carving out your own space

On September 23, 2016 in Home Improvement

The man cave and beyond: carving out your own space

Everyone needs their own space, right? A place where you can unwind from a hectic day or host a get-together for your closest friends. Your own space reflects your individual interests and style, and for that reason, it’s more essential than many people acknowledge.

More than that, your environment influences the way you feel, according to The Good Men Project. Because of this, it’s important to have a space that you have carefully designed yourself. From this notion, the idea of the man cave was born.


Find your space

Whether you live in a mansion or a tiny apartment, it’s important to set aside a corner for individual activities and reflection. It can be challenging in some living arrangements, but never impossible, Jason Cameron, one of the hosts of DIY Network show “Man Caves,” explained to Men’s Health.

“Guys with small spaces and apartments have to be more creative,” Cameron said. “You really have to spend some time to figure out how the layout can work to your advantage. Maybe there’s an alcove that would be perfect for a bar, since you want to place those out of the way of foot traffic. Or maybe you can turn a closet into your own unique space.”
No matter how big or small a man cave is, there are some key elements most of them have:
• A great TV
• A comfortable sofa or recliner
• A refrigerator
• A game system

Other items that many men like to include in their caves might be a poker table or a pool table. Freshome pointed out that the man cave is the perfect place for men to display some of their most prized possessions that the women of the house may not want in the main rooms, like an antler collection or a Fathead wall graphic of a favorite football player.

Not just for men

While man caves get a lot of attention, there’s a case to be made for creating a special space for any adult living in a home. According to the Pew Research Center, 19 percent of American households are multi-generational. This means that 60.6 million people live in a home with multiple generations of adults. This trend can be attributed to growing populations of Asian and Hispanic households, in which multi-generational living is more of a cultural norm, as well as an after-effect of the Great Recession.

As a growing number of people bring their parents or adult children into their homes, it’s important that everyone feels welcome and has their own space. Even grandma or grandpa would appreciate a ‘cave’ of their own in the home.

Sherry Gray wrote for Entrepreneur that she and some of her friends and colleagues enjoyed planning or creating their own lady caves in their homes. These spaces were great for things like meditation, journaling and creative expression.

It’s healthy for everyone to be able to have their own “me” time in a place they feel comfortable. It’s essential for every adult to have their own space inside their home to relax, unwind and feel completely at peace. This is the importance of the cave, whether it’s for the man, lady, grandma or another adult in the home.