Paperless loans can make your dreams come true

On October 11, 2017 in Forest of Dreams

Paperless loans can make your dreams come true

Remember when a loan required a stack of paper several inches high?

Until recently, anyone who undertook the process, regardless of purpose, could expect to spend hours handling paperwork in order to get a loan. For well over a century, stacks of paper were required for lenders’ files and for borrowers’ records.

That was then… but now there is a better way.

While it is hard to imagine many businesses functioning in a 100 percent paperless office, the digital age has made it possible to virtually eliminate the traditional, paper-intensive loan process. LightStream’s paperless loan is incredibly simple, and the digital process allows the company to finance loans for practically anything, at competitive rates.

Securing a paperless loan for a long-held dream of livable outdoor space

Angie's original deck
Angie’s deck before the remodel

When Angie and her husband purchased their Atlanta home in 2016, they looked forward to using its deck during the spectacular spring and fall months. Unfortunately, the deck had not been maintained well by the previous owner and was falling apart. A new deck was priority one on the remodeling list.

“We never had a great deck for entertaining on any of our previous homes. So, when we purchased this home – where a deck remodel was a must – we wanted to use the opportunity to build the deck of our dreams.

We had a deck designed that fulfilled all of our desires – a space to cook meals, in addition to a covered area to enjoy the food, to entertain, or just relax and watch TV.”

Angie and her husband had a vision; now they needed a loan.

Securing a loan in the digital age

Interior view of Angie's new deck
Angie’s dream deck

The couple had set aside funds to pay for part of the project, but wanted to move forward right away and knew they would need a loan to bridge the gap. They had heard LightStream’s online application form could be completed and approved as soon as the same day. They decided to put it to the test.


“We applied on a Saturday morning while sitting at our kitchen table. It was that simple.

Despite the fact it was the weekend, we didn’t have to wait until Monday or Tuesday, we had the approval that evening. 

With such quick approval, all we had to do was provide the date we wanted the money, and it deposited into our account on the specified date. We were ready to go. 

The process was truly paperless. We exchanged all of the necessary documents electronically, and have saved all the ‘paperwork’ on our computer. We didn’t print a single page.”

Angie's new deck at dusk
Angie’s deck after remodel

Angie and her husband reaped the benefits of a fast, paperless loan — and they also helped a worthy cause. For every loan funded, LightStream partners with American Forests to plant a tree. It’s the company’s way of celebrating its paperless loan process, and it’s symbolic of the way they support their customers’ growing dreams.

Since 2013, LightStream has planted more than 1,000 acres of trees — a forest of dreams, so to speak. The company has set a goal of planting an additional 500 acres in 2017. Right now it’s easier than ever for you to help reach that goal.