Party themes to show off your new outdoor space

On May 22, 2017 in Home Improvement

Party themes to show off your new outdoor space

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You’ve just finished off a major exterior renovation project. Your beautiful new porch and outdoor kitchen are ready for prime time. How do you best show off your enviable new space? That’s entirely up to you. You can throw a big bash for 100 or more guests or you may opt for a more intimate gathering of your closest friends and family.

No matter what size group you entertain, there are many possibilities

Home and Garden TV recently compiled a few ideas for creative parties that won’t break the bank. They suggest a dinner party, a casual brunch or a movie night, using furniture and equipment you already own. These ideas may require a little “sweat equity,” but what party doesn’t?

If it’s more of a quiet evening you desire, wine and cheese parties or more elegant dinners are popular in the spring and summer months. They offer a low-key way to show off your new outdoor space to your closest friends in a comfortable, casual setting.

If you want to entertain families at a pool party in your backyard, then hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill are traditional favorites and don’t require an excessive amount of prep work. Dress the main course up with chips and dip, side dishes and ice cream or cake for dessert… and have plenty of beverages appropriate for your guests on hand for a surefire winner.

Bring on the professionals

If money is no object, it has become chic in many parts of America to host cooking classes with a professional chef or a team of chefs in richly designed outdoor spaces. Guests get to participate in the food preparation and learn new tricks of the trade to sharpen their own culinary skills (and perhaps to prepare a spectacular meal for which they’ll invite you back to their homes someday soon.)

Do you love sushi? It’s very stylish to have a sushi chef come to your home and teach your visitors how to make their own. If you just want to eat and not bother learning how to do it, you can have a chef who will craft any kind of sushi you desire and in quantities to make sure you and your guests are full when he/she calls it a night.

At the end of any evening

Regardless of how elegant or ordinary your meal may have been, who doesn’t like sitting around an outdoor fire place or a fire pit at the end of an evening roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, having a beverage of choice and engaging in good conversation with friends and loved ones? Exactly right… nobody!

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