Prepping a nursery for a new arrival?

On March 23, 2017 in Family Life & Health

Prepping a nursery for a new arrival?

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If you’re ready to start converting a bedroom to a nursery because you have a baby on the way, you are among a large group of American families.

Statistically speaking, July through October represents the time period each year when more babies are born than any other. Simple math will tell you that – ahem – cold weather promotes a special type of togetherness that nine months later produces little bundles of joy.

Thus, we’re in a time when people are looking at home décor trends and choosing the latest colors and fabrics to create a welcoming, comforting environment. Trends that focused on bright pastels and even neon looks in 2016 have transformed into to darker, vintage, rustic environs in 2017.

Darker colors are in

Darker colors in paint, wallpaper, furniture and rugs are gaining popularity. Nursery design experts believe the deeper shades help make furnishings and wall décor really pop while still immersing babies in rooms that are cheery places to spend the earliest days of their lives.

If dark colors don’t align with your vision for a nursery, fear not. Traditionalists still go for the bright colors and artwork that are timeless in the world of nurseries and can still bring a smile to a newborn’s face.

Ultimately, it is the parents-to-be who must select a design that makes them happy, is what they want for their child, and perhaps most importantly, fits the budget.

When you need to stretch the budget

Many young couples don’t have a fortune to spend, but can come up with a great nursery without a huge outlay of cash. A little elbow grease — do-it-yourself painting, shelving and wall hangings — and some good-quality used furniture, which can be located in garage sales or retailers that specialize in quality second-hand products, may be all that is necessary.

You can complete a great nursery conversion project for just a few hundred dollars, or less. On the other end of the spectrum, if money is no object, professional designers are more than happy to create a showplace nursery for you with all the latest in furniture, wallpaper and custom artwork that fits the space and sets a happy mood.

One key point to remember; nurseries are just interim designs that are generally intended for a couple of years per child, then you’re on to new looks as your kids advance through the different stages of youth.