Three tasks to take on before winter arrives

On December 5, 2016 in Home Improvement

Three tasks to take on before winter arrives


Feel that chill in the air? If you haven’t winter-proofed your home yet, it would be best to do it soon.

The following are three of the most important tasks you should take on:

1. Check your windows and doors

The wind and cold can enter your home the same way you can: through the doors and windows. Take a look at each one to determine whether it’s fit to stand up to winter weather this year. If the weather stripping is damaged, replace it. If the window or door frames look dilapidated, broken or rotten, consider getting these swapped out for sturdier models. And new windows and doors should take the place of any broken ones.

If you have screen doors, consider taking these off and replacing them with storm doors. The same goes for window screens; storm windows will keep the wind out during the most brutal blizzards.

2. Give your furnace some attention

The furnace is one of the most important features in a home during winter. Without the heat it provides, winter would be miserable and even dangerous. Given its importance, devoting a little bit of extra attention to the furnace at this time of year can make a big difference. Sediment builds up in your furnace over time and can cause it to run less efficiently. It can also lead to a house fire. Clean out your furnace at the beginning of winter so it’s ready to keep you warm during the months ahead.

If your furnace is getting older, have it inspected and determine whether it’s ready to be replaced. It’s better to do this now. You wouldn’t want to wait for the furnace to go out and have to buy a new one mid-winter.

3. Prepare the exterior

Your roof is perhaps the most important part of your home, and in the winter, it’s more essential than ever. However, far too many people fail to assess the strength of their roofs before snow falls. Inspect the roof to make sure there aren’t any weak spots. If there are any broken or missing shingles, get them replaced. A large concentration of problem shingles could mean there’s an underlying issue; if you notice a pattern, consider hiring a roofing expert to take a closer look.

While you’re up there, peer down into your gutters. Are they clean, clogged or somewhere in between? Remember, snow and ice are heavy. Ice dams can damage your gutters or pull them away from your home. Be sure all rain and snow have a clear path away from your roof and home by cleaning out your gutters and making sure they are draining properly. Adding a cover to keep your gutters clear during storms might be beneficial as well.

As winter creeps closer, you’re going to begin pulling your sweaters, boots and other winter gear out of storage. Be sure your house is ready to take on the season as well.