Time to start planning your fall getaway

On July 27, 2017 in Recreation & Travel

Time to start planning your fall getaway

Fall foliage surrounding a cabin

Although the thermometer may make you believe otherwise, the days in North America are already getting shorter and the end of summer 2017 is not far off. The dog days of July and August will soon give way to moderating temperatures and the glorious colors of fall.

While summer is the most popular family vacation season, autumn is a time many choose to travel, especially those unencumbered by school calendars. For most of fall, destinations in the northern latitudes of the U.S. haven’t cooled off too much to enjoy the outdoors. In southern regions, the mercury and humidity are usually on the way down to more comfortable levels.

The colors of fall foliage

Throughout the mountainous regions of America, the breathtaking beauty of fall colors attracts tourists who enjoy the backdrop of changing leaves as they pursue leisure activities, or others who specifically participate in organized leaf peeping tours. The changing of colors every fall is big business for rail and bus companies. They offer everything from simple “ride and view tours” to more luxurious packages that include fine dining and wine tasting. Fodor’s Travel is a great resource if a fall foliage tour is high on your wish list.

Can’t get enough of the beach?

Beach lovers always have someplace they can go to indulge their desires even if the choices may not be as numerous as summer. Fall holds many advantages beyond a friendlier thermometer. Mainland U.S. beaches are generally less crowded in the fall and the businesses that operate in these areas are not as busy, so you may be able to find lower prices for lodging, food and merchandise.

Love skiing?

If skiing is your thing, whether it’s on the water or on the slopes, the fall has something in store for you. Water-skiing destinations in the fall are generally, but not exclusively, confined to the southern half of the U.S. Whether it’s on a lake or in open waters, there’s a place where you can indulge your skiing desires.

If downhill skiing is more your style, On the Snow says there are resorts that open as early as mid-October each year and by mid-November you have a number of places from which to choose.

Fall is a sports fan’s heaven

If you’re a sports fan, there is no better time of year than fall. There are hundreds of possibilities you may wish to consider, a small sampling of which includes:

  • College and pro football are in full swing and for some, tailgating with friends and family on a university campus or outside an NFL stadium is the ultimate in a sublime weekend getaway.
  • Major League Baseball is at its best in the final weeks of the regular season with teams vying for coveted playoff berths. As the calendar turns to October, the World Series (a.k.a. “The Fall Classic”) is one of America’s most enduring traditions. Fall vacations that coincide with the playoffs are very popular among fans who are following a favorite team, or just love the game and the spectacle of post-season baseball.
  • Not to be forgotten are motorsports, including NASCAR, which crowns its champion in mid-November at the end of a nine-month schedule. Every fall, fans travel to tracks all across the nation from New England to the Mid-Atlantic, the Far West and the Deep South to fulfill their need for speed. If you’ve never attended a major racing event, it’s an experience unlike any other.
  • Golf and tennis vacations are popular in the fall. Whether it is to play at a favorite destination or to take in a professional tournament, there is much from which to choose.

Where do you want to go?

Need inspiration? Check out the U.S. News & World Report ranking of 15 best world locations for fall getaways. There are destinations such as New York, San Francisco and Paris that you would expect to see on the list, but number one may surprise you.

Regardless of where you might like to go or what you might like to do, fall is a superb time to get away and now is the time to start planning and making reservations.