Tips for your RV summer road trip

On July 1, 2016 in Recreation & Travel

Tips for your RV summer road trip

If you have kids, chances are you take an annual family vacation. With the kids out of school and the weather perfect for a getaway, summer makes for the ideal vacation opportunity — especially if you’ve got an RV, which are now more affordable through RV financing.

A study from Louis Harris and Associates found that nine out of 10 current RV owners considered RVs the best way to travel with family. And for good reason. Everything you need is already on board, and with accessible campgrounds available all around the country, an RV road trip is a great way to spend time with those you love.


Before you hit the highways this summer, take the time to do a little planning by following these tips for a great road trip:

Plan your route (but not too much)

There’s a delicate balancing act to outlining your road trip route. You want to know where you’re going, but hammering out every detail can take sap the fun out of the journey. The best cross-country RV trips leave room for surprises, like a fun roadside attraction or a hidden local gem.

Don’t hesitate to get off the beaten path. While some road trippers might prefer to get where they’re going quickly, a good scenic route grants you access to parts of America that you’d never see otherwise.

Budget wisely

You don’t want to go broke before reaching the state line. To make sure that doesn’t happen, come up with a solid travel budget. Use a travel planning website and fuel cost calculator to get an idea of your road trip expenses.

You’ll also want to consider accommodations along the way. Are you staying in campgrounds, hotels or private RV parks? Cost can vary significantly between them. And don’t forget to factor in the cost of groceries and eating out. Also set aside an emergency fund just in case something important breaks down along the way.

Adjust your food expectations

Organization is key to just about every aspect of RV road trip success, and that includes how you handle food. Even though limited RV space is liable to remind you of your first apartment, stuff moves around quite a bit. The Kitchn recommended packing edibles in baskets and cartons rather than plastic bags. Store them where they can’t budge.

Since RV fridges have a habit of warming up with days of long driving, it’s best to stick with smaller perishables (think eggs or yogurt) and avoid raw meat. And load up on provisions like canned food, bread and fruit, which don’t have to be cooled.

Get out of your comfort zone

What’s traveling for if not to reach just a little beyond your comfort zone? When you’re on your RV trip, go out and meet new people. Explore new places. See things you would never encounter in your everyday life. Your summer road trip can leave memories that last for years. Make the most of it.