Can you afford to send your child to private school?

On February 3, 2015 in Family Life & HealthPreK-12

Can you afford to send your child to private school?

shutterstock_275892179Private schools are not cheap, and the cost can vary widely according to where you live. But if you’re determined to send your child to a private school, there are options, according to this story at U.S. News. These include religious schools, Montessori schools and Waldorf schools. While these schools will generally be more affordable, costs for them will vary too.

“Quite a few private schools in our area are 20 to 50 percent higher [than us], I would say,” says Jenny Helmick, teacher and nature program coordinator of the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm in Beverly, Massachusetts. Tuition isn’t exactly cheap where Helmick teaches. It’s $20,000 a year, on average – but then again, she teaches in a region that has a much higher cost of living than many other communities in the country. Nearby private schools cost as much as $29,000 a year, Helmick says.”

You could also reconsider public school, some are taking more of a private-school approach now:

“If you like the idea of private school but your budget is better suited for public schools, some public schools do have Montessori programs, and there are several dozen public Waldorf schools scattered throughout the country, although most of them congregate in California. You could also consider a charter school – publicly funded institutions that are as independent as any private school.”

In any case, you’ll need to do your homework and crunch the numbers, and that’s where financing from a lender like LightStream can help, says U.S. News. Read the whole story here.