How will you benefit from cosmetic dentistry?

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How will you benefit from cosmetic dentistry?

cosmetic dentistry

Did you know that smiling releases endorphins? This simple act is scientifically proven to lift your spirits and relieve stress. Given the importance of smiling, it’s no wonder people go the extra mile when taking care of their teeth.

That’s why the market for cosmetic dentistry has grown over the past five years to reach $3 billion in  revenue in 2016, according to IBISWorld. The report also indicated that dentists should continue to experience more demand in the years to come.

Turning on the charm

A number of factors contribute to rising demand for cosmetic dental procedures. More people placing greater importance on their teeth’s appearance has been a major driver. According to a study from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), improving physical attractiveness and self esteem are the most common reasons patients seek out cosmetic dentists. Of the 351 practices that responded to the survey, 86 percent said these were two main reasons patients came to them.

Numerous studies have found that having a glowing smile helps improve others’ perceptions of you, reported the American Journal of Psychological Research. Among the many positive attributes people generally associate with smiles are:

  • Intelligence
  • Trustworthiness
  • Friendliness
  • Self-assurance
  • Sincerity
  • Charm

People who have winning smiles also have a tendency to do better in job interviews. Smiling and other nonverbal cues become important assets when attending an in-person interview, with several studies finding that employers pursue smiling applicants more seriously than those who didn’t smile as often.

According to AACD’s survey, teeth whitening was the second-most popular cosmetic dental procedure in 2015, which can improve a person’s appearance when smiling.

Healthy smiles

“There is more to it than just cosmetic dentistry,” Dr. Clayton Cooke, a cosmetic dentist in Fallbrook, California, told Village News. “It is a combination of improving comfort, the function, and getting the bite right – the mechanical alignment on a sound foundation.”

In fact, 46 percent of respondents to AACD’s survey said health concerns are a primary reason why patients are coming in.

Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne pointed out that crooked teeth can cause painful headaches in some people. This is caused by an imbalanced bite putting undue stress on certain areas of your mouth and facial muscles. Straightening your teeth through a cosmetic dentistry procedure can help ease this pain. Cooke noted that headaches can also be caused by grinding one’s teeth at night.

Procedures like bonding, implants and crowns can strengthen your teeth, which can improve digestion and the ability to eat certain foods. Stronger teeth also last longer. Bonding and veneers were the first- and third-most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures in 2015, according to AACD’s survey.

Finally, airway realignment can reduce snoring and help people with sleep apnea, according to Advanced Dentistry of New York.

Improving your smile can lead to countless benefits, from improved health to increased self esteem, acing job interviews and making lasting social connections. What will be your motivation to head to the dentist in 2017?