You’ve heard of the man cave; welcome to the she shed

On April 26, 2017 in Home Improvement

You’ve heard of the man cave; welcome to the she shed

she shed

With the advent of so-called man caves in the latter part of the 20th century, perhaps it was inevitable that women would realize they are just as deserving (some might say more deserving) of their own special spaces.

Enter the “she shed”

The term “she shed” is not part of a tongue twister about selling sea shells by the she shed at the sea shore (but it could be). No, it’s the apt descriptor of a hideaway that is designed to give women their own places to escape the daily grind of work, kids, husbands or significant others.

Social media has helped spur the popularity of she sheds with Pinterest in particular being a primary avenue through which women are swapping ideas and photographs and moving forward with she-shed construction.

Anecdotally, it appears most she sheds are outbuildings, typically in the backyards of homes, but there are some that use interior spaces. Some women have totally remodeled existing structures originally intended as outdoor storage, while others have custom designs built to their specifications.

What are typical elements of a she shed?

Some women prefer a more rustic feel where they can get away to read a book in peace and quiet, thus some she sheds don’t have electricity or plumbing. Then again, some are fully equipped with power, gas, water, cable and internet for those times when women really want convenience or their own space where they can get away from the routine for an extended time.

She sheds are good for just about anything that will fit inside, but typically, women are putting couches or daybeds with lots of comfy pillows, recliners, layered rugs, indoor plants and curtains to match their individual tastes. Some women put desks in their she sheds and use the space to work in private when telecommuting, balancing household budgets or working on tax returns.

On the exterior, attractive landscaping is very popular and easy with a fabric layer to prevent weeds, mulch and plants that dress up the outside. Some women are adding window boxes with flowers and porches large enough to accommodate swings, benches, chairs and tables.

How much does a she shed cost?

That’s akin to asking the proverbial, “How much does a three-bedroom house cost?” There are so many variables it is impossible to know without identifying exactly what a she shed would include.

The amount an individual spends can vary wildly from well under $1,000, if they’re fixing up an existing structure and investing their own sweat equity, to tens of thousands if the project starts from the ground up and is built by a licensed professional.

Home-improvement retailers can be a great place to start. They have people who can give you ideas, help develop plans and, of course, offer the materials and building/remodeling professionals to get the job done.

If you’ve got enough cash in reserve to pay for a she shed, that’s great, but if you need to secure a loan, LightStream can help. Similar projects are funded for clients every day with repayment terms that won’t strain your budget and will help you realize that dream of your very own she shed.